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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (9622) 2016-12-03

xVRIESLANDSIA ‘Marichelle’ Horwood, K., Larson, C.* circa 1998

Mature rosette to 60 cm. diameter. Many pliant, lustrous moss green recurving leaves. Erect compact spire to 50cm. tall of a branched orange red or scarlet to cherry red-bracted inflorescence with blue or bicoloured flowers. Named after Chris Larson's daughter Marichelle Pascual. Bred at Collectors Corner, Melbourne and seedlings released as a variable grex under parentage only, before registration. Reg. Doc. 5/2006. Pollen parent and other details corrected 12/2016 on advice from C Larson.
Country of origin: Victoria, Australia

Seed Parent: Tillandsia imperialis Pollen Parent: Vriesea 'Poelmanii'