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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15411) 2019-04-24

xVRIESLANDSIA ‘Ballerina’ Arden, John 1991

Mature rosette can develop very tall and upright to 70cm. high x 30cm. diameter. Many narrow arching green leaves.flushed bronzed red with pointed tips on the obverse. The folage reverse is burgundy. The inflorescence has a very short scape hidden amongst the inner foliage. It is heavily branched with 10 or more spikes that ascend approximately 40 - 50cm further above the foliage before gracefully weeping /curving downwards. Spikes are very long with wine-red bracts. Reg. Doc. 4/2019 by George Stamatis.
Country of origin: California USA

Seed Parent: Vriesea 'Charles' x bleheri Pollen Parent: Tillandsia superinsignis