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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (16204) 2020-07-11

xPORTEMEA ‘Party Time’ Heckart, Dennis circa 2012

Mature, open, vase-shaped rosette to 36"(1 metre) diameter. Arching, broad leaves 24" (60cm.) long x 4" (10cm.) wide. In strong light / full sun the foliage turns reddish orange or coppery red. The erect, scarlet-stemmed inflorescence to 36" (1 metre) tall has clustered branches with pinkish red scape bracts and tubular, lavender flowers which are followed by long-lasting beet purple berries. The seed parent formula is an unnamed cultivar bred by Hawaiian florist Michael Au. Reg. Doc. 7/2020.
Country of origin: Hawaii USA

Seed Parent: (Portea petropolitana var. petropolitana x Aechmea blanchetiana) Pollen Parent: Portea alatisepala