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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15753) 2019-11-14

xNIDUREGELIA ‘Chiquita’ Skotak, Chester <2000

Small open rosette to 20cm diameter x 15cm high. In strong light, bronzed green, finely-serrated, broad leaves randomly striated cream (or in medio-picta stripes pattern) and flushed pink in bright light. The central cup flushes rosy red at blooming. The floral bracts are slightly serrated and form a sunken, divided, star-shaped 'nest' 3cm. in diameter The white petals resemble neoregelia flowers. Pups are borne on short 2cm stolons and this cultivar mostly resembles a x Niduregelia. South African grower Adrian van Rensen imported it as a no-name seedling from Chester Skotak "many years ago". and it became widespread in South African collections. Recently it was seen labelled as 'Chiquita' (by persons unknown) in local garden centres there, so is now formally registered as such. Reg. Doc.10/2019 by Christo van Wijk.
Country of origin: Costa Rica

Seed Parent: Neoregelia carolinae variegated Pollen Parent: Nidularium sp. or hyb.