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xNEOTANTHUS ‘Kingdom of Persia’ Elmore, J. (#2008) 1979

cv. of Neoregelia 'Takemura Grande' X Cryptanthus zonatus f. fuscus - (Other cvs. = 'First Dynasty', 'Across the Centuries', 'Court of Kings', 'Crown Prince', 'Destiny', 'Edge of Time', 'Eternity', 'Grand Vizier', 'Hourglass', 'Khalif', 'Last Dynasty', 'Potentate', 'Royal Dynasty', 'Royal Highness', 'Royale', 'Sands of Time', 'Scarab', 'Throne of the Persiantine', 'Throneroom' & 'Winds')

Seed Parent: Neoregelia Takemura Grande Pollen Parent: Cryptanthus zonatus f. fuscus