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xNEOROCKIA ‘Susana’ Bullis Bromeliads ?

Mature, open, large rosette to 70cm. diameter. Stiff, leathery, sepia red-spined, arching, coppery orange to bronzed pink, tongue-like leaves with reddish leaf tips. Sunken, tightly-clustered inflorescence with surrounding, bracteate dark red pointed leaves, inward-curving green, veined floral bracts tipped bronze red and bluish white distorted, claw-like flowers. Widely-grown as Neoregelia Susana but is clearly bigeneric with Wittrockia superba involved. Reg. Doc. 8/2016 by Lyn Hudson.
Country of origin: Florida, USA

Seed Parent: Neoregelia sp. or hybrid. Pollen Parent: Wittrockia superba