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Bromeliad Cultivar Register


Bromeliad Cultivar Register (14443) 2017-12-13

xHOHENMEA ‘Koah Silver Mist’ Draper R 2015

Mature, large open, upright rosette to 70cm. diameter x 80cm. high. Black-spined frosted green leaves with random purple spots and silver cross-banding on the reverse. Huge leaning or arching spike to 1.3 metres long with bright shell pink scape bracts, branched woolly clusters of pinecone-shaped capsules bearing pale pink floral bracts, green sepals and yellowish orange flowers, which blacken when spent. Reg. Doc. 11/2017.
Country of origin: Queensland Australia

Seed Parent: Aechmea chantinii var. fuchsii Pollen Parent: Hohenbergia 'Karla'