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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13929) 2017-02-22

xHOHENMEA ‘Wilma’ Draper R 2014

Mature, bulbous rosette to 26cm. (across flat side) x 4.5cm.thick through flat side x 37 cm. high in spike. Bronzed, mid-green leaves, speckled pale brown with large brown spines, This is the only grex sibling which carries true flat sides, like it's seed parent. The pups emerge at right angles to the parent, the same trait as per Ae. brevicollis. Erect, scurfed pink-stemmed, short, branched, woolly inflorescence of pink floral bracts (each with a terminal spine), light green ovaries, pink sepals and whitish pale lilac flowers. Named in honour of the breeder's mother. Reg. Doc. 2/2017.
Country of origin: Queensland Australia

Seed Parent: Aechmea brevicollis Pollen Parent: Hohenbergia Karla