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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (9370) 2013-12-11

xGUZVRIESEA ‘Marian Oppenheimer’ Deroose-Waterschoot, Hill, Herb, Jr.* 1971

Mature plant 3-4 dm tall and 5-6 dm across w/30+ leaves - pine green leaves - scape bracts green - inflorescence compound subglobose w/short lateral spikes in cherry to wine-red - yellow flowers which rarely mature - color lasts many months - Tropiflora said, "A tight cluster of vibrant red round branches forming a long lasting torch-like inflorescence".
Country of origin: USA

Seed Parent: Vriesea 'Viminalis-Rex' Pollen Parent: Guzmania lingulata v. minor
Registration Document 1993, JBS 44:218, CargoRpt2-2