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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (9369) 2010-11-01

xGUZVRIESEA ‘Magnifica’ Lemoine, M., Hort. Makoy 1882

Carriere, Editor of Revue Horticole, said,"The inflorescence reaching nearly 3' in height w/a panicle 1.2 to 2' long having many dense erecto-patent multifarious branches was quite spectacular - the ovate-lanceolate flower bracts were red-yellow and yellow petals 1/3 longer than the sepals - inflorescence nearly 3 ft tall w/a panicle to 2 ft long..many dense branches w/red-yellow bracts - yellow petals - the epithet xGuzvriesea first used by Louis Dutrie before 1948 then Hawkes proposed xGuzvriesea in 1:5p43 of his Brom. Papers in 1959 and later Foster proposed xGuzvriesea in JBS 13:85.

Seed Parent: Vriesea splendens Pollen Parent: Guzmania zahnii
JBS 1:23; 13:85; 33:73; 37:99,104; 39:64, RevHort14:186 1888, Mez1935p569,636, ChevalierMon1930