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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (9354) 2011-02-21

xDYCKCOHNIA ‘Conrad Morton’ Hutchinson, Paul <1992

- Vandervort said, "An accidental cross in the greenhouse of Paul Hutchinson, Escondido, CA, - at first it was thought the progeny was pure macedoią. as the seedlings reached blooming size it became apparent that longipetala was the pollen parent - resembles longipetala w/linear striping similar to macedoi - the inflorescence is 100% Deuterocohnia with a tall thin spike, tubular yellow flowers - perennial spike will form new shoots at each bloom period - leaves 8 to 15 inches - leaf color variable from green to silver to reddish as influenced by culture".

Seed Parent: Dyckia macedoi Pollen Parent: Deuterocohnia meziana
Vandervort, D. 2/98