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<xCANMEA (39)

Bromeliad Cultivar Register (9325) --

xCANMEA ‘Galaxy’ Bullis, H. <1979

cv. of xCanmea 'Smokey' selected by Bullis from tissue culture - (See 'Smokey') - Midway between parents in matte bluish-green with brown mottling, purple leaf tips and coral orange to red compound inflorescence w/white flowers - 12-14 leaves to 4" wide forming tubular flared rosette to 12"-14" tall - 6" stolons - variegated and marginated forms exist - maroon pencil thin lines on scurfed grey-green silvery foliage - this selection has a bit more of the fosterianum parent apparent in its coloration and markings.

Seed Parent: Canistrum fosterianum Pollen Parent: Aechmea chantinii
Baensch 98,99ill, JBS 40:54; 42:65,67ill, CargoRpt#3-1; #6-5, MB1998