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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (10936) 2012-02-18

QUESNELIA ‘Red Face’ Butcher D* ca 1980\'s

Adelaide growers Derek & Margaret Butcher got this plant in the 1990’s from Queensland and it had Quesnelia imbricata on the label. Has it flowered in the intervening years? They didn't know but thought it was an odd looking Q. liboniana . Now you know why they are calling this plant – ‘Red Face’ as well as the fact that it has red blotches on the leaves. Other differences from Q. liboniana are the absence of stolons and red scape bracts. In fact much closer to Q. liboniana than Q. imbricata. It is therefore possible that when the person collected seed from a Q. imbricata they did not guess that Q. liboniana was around, but that is only supposition. It is safer to call the plant a Q. liboniana hybrid. So if you have a plant called Q. imbricata just remember a ‘Red Face’ Mature rosette is about 15cms wide and 20cms. high, flowering to 35cms. high. Reg Doc 1/2012
Country of origin: Australia

Seed Parent: liboniana? Pollen Parent: ?