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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (7943)

ORTHOPHYTUM ‘What’ Garretson, J.D. 1971

Allegedly a cv. of Orthophytum saxicola (rubra)? X Cryptanthus 'It' BUT reproduces from seed and bears NO Cryptanthus traits - Small semi-succulent soft spined 8" rosette with pointed 3-6" leaves in light cream white w/several medial bands of green - the plant blushes rosy rich red as it matures and has the texture of the Orthophytum parent - small white flowers - The grex was derived from two seedlings exhibiting variegation and is highly variable in size, form and color but the described cultivar persists in cultivation.
Country of origin: Texas, USA

Seed Parent: Orthophytum saxicola (rubra)? Pollen Parent: ?
Reg. Doc. 1973, JBS 25ill,26; 33:75, SDDN1976ill, Bromeletter Jan93, BromKramer 53+ill,TF1980