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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (17205) 2022-10-14

ORTHOPHYTUM ‘Misty Mauve’ Wingert, Paul 2017

Reverse cross of 'Mauve Mist'. Very little to distinguish from 'Mauve Mist' aside from very slightly more succulent, substantial leaves and flower petals less flared. Mature, open small rosette to 15 cm. diameter, offsetting quickly, forming clumps. Recurved, heavily-scurfed, grey / mauve, stiff leaves, tapering to a point with soft, retrorse white spines in strong light. Short, shell pink, spiny, bracteate leaves / floral bracts surround the erect inflorescence to 15cm. high with large white flowers, blooming over several weeks. Reg. Doc. .5/2022
Country of origin: Michigan USA

Seed Parent: harleyi Pollen Parent: Pewter