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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (12372) 2014-08-05

ORTHOPHYTUM ‘Ceu’ Ribeiro O* n/a

Plants found and named by Oscar Ribeiro of Bromeliario Imperialis in July 2014. Provisionally identified by Rafael Louzada as the newly named O. cearense but O. ‘Ceu’ was found in Bahia over 800km to the south. So far nothing has been reported in between. What is also interesting is that there were white petalled forms and green petalled forms only metres apart. Additionally, O. ‘Ceu’ is 1/3 the size of O. cearense. Each individual rosette is about 10 cm wide. No herbarium specimen was made and it is hoped that these plants will be included when any review of Orthophytum is made in the future. Reg Doc 7/2014 by D Butcher
Country of origin: Brazil