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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (7900) 2010-04-12

NIDULARIUM ‘Madonna’ Rehak, Jarka* <1997

cv. of unknown parentage - (Other cv. = 'Miranda'?) - Butcher said, "Grown from seed in NSW allegedly from Seidel circa 1980 - has suggestions of a large innocentii but has a scape 6" long - primary bracts start out white but become bright red at anthesis - white petals - the inflorescence threatens to fall over because the scape is so long". Ref: Illawarra Bromeliad Society Newslink, July 2009. - Discovered and named by J & N. Rehak, circa 1982-83 at a North Shore, Sydney AU nursery in uniform seed batch (ex A. Seidel, Brazil).Upright scape to 15cms. long, inflorescence 6cms. long. Sibling seedling with Nid. Miranda.

Bromeletter 1997 4-6, Butcher1997