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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (7891) 2010-11-03

NIDULARIUM ‘Francois Spae’ Hort. Ghyselinck 1930

(See 'Chantrieri', 'Madam Robert Morobe' & 'Digeneum') - The long narrow openly spaced leaves are brilliant bright green and spattered w/darker green - with toothed margins - inner rosette is raised somewhat above the center and is cool flesh pink (Chevalier) to blood red (Baensch).

Seed Parent: innocentii v. striatum Pollen Parent: fulgens
JBS 1:22; 14:14-16; 16:82; 25:20; 38:21,70, Grande 1:2, BromsPadilla 126, Baensch 132,133ill
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