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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13425)

NIDULARIUM ‘Lineatum’ Hort

Leme in Nidularium- Brom. Atl. Forest 144-153. 2000 included “The variety lineatum differs from the other varieties in its variegated leaves with white or yellowish lines. This trait is seen occasionally in the wild, as in specimen Leme 23-B, but it apparently reproduces only vegetatively, not sexually. Although this case is an exception to the method used here, I decided to maintain the validity of this variety due to its huge popularity as an ornamental and to the fact that it is already widely cultivated and has been for almost 90 years. LEAVES green with longitudinal white or yellowish lines, 1¬3 mm wide. Description from Smith & Downs (1979), ‘Leaf-blades green with numerous longitudinal white lines; primary bracts red near the apex and green elsewhere’. This variegate is not included in the World Checklist of selected Plant families. Now treated here under ICNCP rules as a cultivar. Reg. Doc. 5/2016 by D Butcher.