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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (12755) 2015-03-06

HOHENBERGIA ‘Golden Olive’ ? / O\'Brien M* 1993

Mature open rosette to 70cms. diameter x 50cms. high. Bronze green, spiny, leathery leaves. Erect, branched red-stemmed spike to 1.5metres tall, with clustered, woolly green ovaries and creamy yellow flowers. Reputedly from a seed batch of Hohenbergia lanata from Elton Leme (Brazil) in 1993, raised by the Olive Branch Nursery (Brisbane). Possibly from the same grex as H. 'Palisade', H. 'Razor' and Aechmea 'Whyanbeel'. Reg. Doc. 2/2015 by Ross Little
Country of origin: Brazil

Seed Parent: lanata ? Pollen Parent: ?