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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (12696) 2015-02-11

HECHTIA ‘Wildfire’ Siekkinen A 2010

Mature, symmetrical rosette to 75-90cms (2.5 -3.0ft.) High recurving, leaves (over 50) long-tapering to a point. Upper leaf surface is very shiny and variously bright red to dark maroon depending on the season and whether pot-grown (tend to stay red) or ground-planted (more maroon) . Leaf reverses are white from the dense trichomes. Large hooked spines are more retrorse towards the rosette centre. Five seedlings were selected from the X1 grex which uniformly match in color, size, and growth habit, so likely there should be both male and female plants. Reg. Doc. 2/2015.
Country of origin: California USA

Seed Parent: texensis Pollen Parent: stenopetala