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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13434) 2022-08-25

GOUDAEA ‘Nazca’ Tristram P / Shane Weston * circa 2008

Mature open rosette to 50cm. diameter. Moss-green arching leaves with olive green / brown mottled cross-banding and central white stripes flushed pink. Erect spike of yellow paddles and yellow flowers, similar to the V. ospinae var. gruberi in its lineage. Seed raised by Bruce Dunstan and this variegated seedling was found in the grex batch. Named after the ancient Peruvian native people who created the Nazca Lines of colossal animal figures, trapezoids and lines out of the desert sands and mountainsides, visible from space. Glyph Group. Reg. Doc. 5/2016.. Update 2017. Reclassified as a Goudaea as 'Tiger Tim' emanates from G ospinae. .
Country of origin: N.S.W. Australia

Seed Parent: Tiger Tim Pollen Parent: ?