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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (1963) 2018-06-18

CRYPTANTHUS ‘Pink Starlite’ (Cobia) <1980

cv. of bivittatus - Patent #3689 by B.L. Cobia of Florida - Medium plant in hot pink in bright light w/olive-green stripes down the center. If this pink is developed the quality of light for Cryptanthus culture is correct. Selection took 11 years. (Syn. with 'Coster's Favorite' & 'Coster's Pride') - (See 'Amy' & 'Confetti Blush') - Name is correctly spelled here according to Barnell Cobia, the inventor.
Country of origin: Florida USA

Seed Parent: bivittatus
CSJ 1:4-p11FCill; 5:3 BCill, Baensch 100ill, JBS 27:217ill; 38:182,225; 40:171ill; 46:155, TF1980