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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (1957) --

CRYPTANTHUS ‘Pink Brocade’ Foster, M.B. (Antle) <1988

cv. of 'Carnival De Rio' X fosterianus - (See 'Sophia') - Large w/wide pleated leaves w/dusty marbling in shades of red with bars. Complex and attractive combination of color and pattern. Original Foster cv. of unknown parentage but remake by Sandy Antle produced this identical plant. Named Outstanding Hybrid Cryptanthus for 1993.

Seed Parent: 'Carnival De Rio' Pollen Parent: fosterianus
SE-1988, CSJ 6:4-p20ill, CSJ 8:1-BCill; 9:2-p21ill; 10:2-p21ill, ColinCat1991, TBT1990