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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (1927) 2010-06-06

CRYPTANTHUS ‘Osyanus’ Jacob-Makoy 1894

Small marbled dark and light green covered with scurf giving a blue cast. Padilla said, "..a small plant with petioled leaves in white and rose and marbled in green w/undersides covered in white scales". Dutrie said, "Leaves petioled, the upper side..white and rose, marbled w/green, the underside covered by white scales".

Seed Parent: lacerdae Pollen Parent: beuckeri
CSJ 3:1-p18ill; 5:3BCill; 6:4-p21ill; 10:2-p23ill, BrPad126, JBS 1:20;37:24. CSJ 19:78. 2004