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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (1803) --

CRYPTANTHUS ‘Madame Ganna Walska’ Hummel <1970

cv. of marginatus ('Lueddemannii') X ?? - Large in open oval w/10+ leaves - heavy scurf near base of leaf barring sparcely to outsides - mottled green deeply suffused w/wine-red in strong light - underleaf is densely scurfed in whitesilver - Named for opera singer from Santa Barbara, California.

Seed Parent: marginatus ('Lueddemannii') hybrid? Pollen Parent: ??
Dorr1977illp14, BSI-ICBH-1979, CSJ 3:2-p23ill; 10:2-p21ill, MB1998, TBT1990, SDDN1970, BP1982