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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (16670) 2021-04-30

CRYPTANTHUS ‘Burnt Copper’ Literal, Arnel A circa 2018

Mature, flat, large rosette to 40 cm. diameter. with an open, rounded, radial symmetry. In cross-section the thick leaves curve slightly under towards the pointed tips and the edges have medium undulation. Rather broad lanceolate leaves at the central axils, tapering to the ends. Foliage basal colour is frosted brown / cinnamon / chocolate with plain lighter dusky sections mid-leaf and partial white, wavy cross-banding at the darker ends. There is a faint, dusky white central, longitudinal stripe per leaf. From inner leaf axils pups emerge as the rosette matures. At blooming, a central cluster of pure white flowers. Reg. Doc. 3/2021.
Country of origin: Philippines

Seed Parent: Irish Mist Pollen Parent: fosterianus