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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (16195) 2020-06-29

CRYPTANTHUS ‘Sofia Viktoria’ Ragasa, Maila Pedrigal 2019

Mature, open, rounded, mid-sized rosette to 30cm. diameter x 13cm. high. Arching, broad ( to 4cm. wide), medium- undulating, mid-green leaves (about 10) on new growth, becoming dark brown on outer portions with tapered tips and spaced, ripple-patterned, silver cross-banding. Matured lower leaves.turn grayish black and the entire rosette flattens at blooming--a central cluster of white flowers. Named after the breeder's daughter. Reg. Doc. 6/2020 by Marcus Broms.
Country of origin: Philippines

Seed Parent: Bonfire Pollen Parent: Bonfire