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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (1436) --

CRYPTANTHUS ‘Coral Bates’ (Paterson, M.*) <1984

cv. of 'Osyanus' X fosterianus - (Other cvs. = 'Autumn Tones', 'Evelyn', 'Joan', 'Margaret', 'Norma', & 'Pat' ) - (See 'Rosy Kay' & 'Rosy Mottle Kay' by Kretschmann) - Medium w/leaf surface mottled in various shades of green w/rosy-red to center, edges and tips - heavily frosted on upper surface w/occasional straight evenly spaced non-frosted bands.

Seed Parent: Osyanus Pollen Parent: fosterianus
Paterson 1990, CSJ 7:4-p42ill, 8:4-p23ill, Butcher1986