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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (1225) --

CANISTRUM ‘Leopardinum’ Makoy(?) <1940

For current information see Wittrockia 'Leopardinum' - Dutrie said, "Leaves numerous, thick, leathery, in a short rosette, strongly sheathed, 70-80 cm long 7-8 cm wide, erect, spreading, edged with strong black spines, and brilliantly bright green-flecked with irregular dark green or brownish spots" - Bromeliad Treasury 1983 said, "A beautiful hybrid w/a 30" diameter open rosette of prominently dark spined 3" x 15" light green leaves dotted w/irregular spots of rich burgundy - The inflorescence is sunken in the rosette center as a burgundy basket enclosing many purple flowers"..

Seed Parent: giganteum Pollen Parent: lindenii v. roseum
JBS 2:19; 4:58; 23:21; 30:263; 38:20, BromsPadilla 45ill; 124, Baensch 98,99ill, Grande 1:1FCill