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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15616) 2019-07-28

ANANAS ‘Bipolar’ Skotak, Chester / Eloise Beach* 2002

Mature, open rosette to 40cm. diameter x 25cm. high. Arching leaves (2cm. wide) with margination. Erect fruiting spike to 15cm. tall "Bipolar" refers to the 2 foliar and fruit colour variations due to different culture. One variant has white / pinkish leaf margins and white / cream fruit skin as a result of fertilisation and / or low light. The other variant has leaf margins which seem to disappear but are either red or masked by the adjoining leaf colour due to bright light and / or lack of fertiliser. The mini pineapple to 4cm. diameter is rosy red-segmented. Marginated seedling (sport) found in the grex. The seed parent and pollen parent are complex crosses of various coded forms. Reg. Doc. 7/2019 by Eloise Beach.
Country of origin: Costa Rica