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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (12103) 2018-11-23

ANANAS ‘Lava Burst’ Agristart Florida / David Fell* ?

Mature rosette to 60cms. diameter x 80cms. high. Rather erect habit of stiff, narrow bronze green leaves with central pink/red variegation. Raised Inflorescence of small, ovoid cone-like "fruit" 7cms. diameter x 15cms. long, eventually with green "topknot" crown of leaves .Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery bought 50K micros from Agristart (Florida) of so-called Ananas lucidus (now A. comosus var. erectifolius) and one propagule was variegated. The ripe fruit has a pineapple fragrance but is not edible for humans. This variegate has been grown in error as A. 'Lava Flow'.. It is also grown in error as A. 'Matilde' which has NEVER been released (as at Feb. 2014). Reg. Doc. 2/2014.
Country of origin: Florida / Hawaii USA