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From 2005 we plan to capture only ornamental pineapple cultivars, not those grown solely for the fruit and for these we suggest referral to Brooks & Olmo Register of Fruit and Nut varieties Notes added by D Butcher 19 Oct 2013 In exploring the possibilities that A. comosus should really be A. ‘Comosus’ under the ICNCP rules, I found that the Pineapple People persist in maintaining that they have been successful in crossing a Pineapple with a Tillandsia . See Valds EA, Garcia RB, Rodriguez NN, Pena AC, Perez MI (1998) .There is determination of haploid plants in pineapples and alternative methods in the evaluation of ploidy levels in Proceedings of 3rd International Pineapple Symposium, Pataya, Thailand , 17-20 Nov 1998 P52. In 2003 Coppens d’Eeckenbrugge G. & Leal F. produced a monumental work on Pineapples in The Pineapple: Bot. Prod. and uses. CAB Int. 2:13-32. 2003 where this extraordinary claim was made and so I started investigating. I even found the University in Cuba where the authors were stationed but nobody was prepared to give me proof of such a happening. Remember that this claims success in crossing two plants from different sub-families. This lack of response was very disappointing. Whatever did happen it would not have been a Cultivar according to the ICNCP rules. In 2004 the Pineapple People were advised of this anomaly but it was disappointing to see the same claim repeated in a publication on Pineapples in 2011.