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ALCANTAREA ‘Batman’ Valkman, Colin / Amanda Barbe* 2012

Mature, open large rosette to 1 metre diameter. Broad, semi-glossy, mid-green leaves towards the centre, radiating out to speckled smoky purple / burgundy with pointed dark red tips. Foliage reverse is more solidly wine-coloured, at least in "full sun". Erect branched spike to 1.6 metres tall with russet red , boat-shaped peduncle bracts, angled branches each to 25cm. long with brown floral bracts, white flowers tipped pinkish tan and long white stamens. Several nocturnal microbats were found feasting on the flowers, hence the cultivar name 'Batman'. Reg. Doc. 11/2019 by Amanda Barbe.
Country of origin: Queensland Australia

Seed Parent: Devine Plum Pollen Parent: extensa (dark form)