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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (17495) 2023-02-01

TILLANDSIA ‘Big Daddy’ Tropiflora Nursery 1990s

Mature, bulbous-based rosette to over 73cm. tall in spike. The scurfed, silvery grey, bulbous base can reach 20cm. diameter. Silvery, scurfed, arching, semi-channeled leaves, each 13cm. wide at the base. x 45cm. long. The erect inflorescence is 25cm. high with branched, light pink-bracted paddles each 8cm. long x 12cm. wide. Stock originated from Mitch Rabin of Living Colors Nursery , Homestead , Florida and selected out over many years by Tropiflora grower Veronica Orozco. Reg. Doc. 1/2023 by Dennis Cathcart
Country of origin: Florida USA

Seed Parent: ehlersiana