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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (17342) 2022-09-08

TILLANDSIA ‘Graceful Milliam’ Lee, Ricky 2019

Mature, semi-bulbous rosette to 30cm. diameter. Spidery, narrow, semi-channelled scurfed dark green leaves, tapering to a point. , The erect, blooming , single, unbranched spike to 30cm. high. has pointed, frosted pale pink scape bracts and floral bracts with tubular lavender flowers. The spike and inflorecence resemble a typical T. baileyi. Overall, the plant resembles a graceful dancer as displayed by chinese drawings. Reg. Doc. 8/2022 by Lee Chee Young.
Country of origin: Malaysia

Seed Parent: balbisiana Pollen Parent: baileyi
Ref: MT#004 Milliam Tillandsia