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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13308) 2016-02-21

xVRIECANTAREA ‘Seeger’ Hill H circa 2005

Mature open rosette to 90cm. diameter x 30cm. high. Bronze green / red, pliant, spineless, arching, glossy leaves tapering to a point. Erect, scarlet red-bracted spike to 1.5 metres tall with near-horizontal branches to 30cm. long of golden yellow bracts and yellow flowers. The breeder advises that only one clone was ever released. Named after the well-known U.S. folk singer Pete Seeger ( 1919-2014). Reg. Doc.2/2016 by G. Lawn.
Country of origin: Florida U.S.A.

Seed Parent: Vriesea 750-1 Pollen Parent: Alcantarea nahoumii
Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society Newsletter, April, 2015, page 3