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xUrsulepis by Geoff Lawn, BSI Cultivar Registrar in J Brom Soc 61(2): 90. 2011 In July, 2011 the nothogenus xUrsulepis (Ursulea x Androlepis) was first recorded in the BSI's Bromeliad Cultivar Register under ICBN Rules (Vienna Code 2006). This "new" parental combination has been in cultivation 19 years but came to my attention only several months ago when featured online at the Bromeliad & Airplant Forum found at the following link: where it was discussed under the parentage Ursulea macvaughii x Androlepis skinneri . I coined both this bigeneric genus name xUrsulepis and cultivar name 'Sam Smith' to honour it's breeder and long-time bromeliad grower Samuel Smith MD of Fort Myers, Florida. Seed Parent Ursulaea macvaughii (L.B. Smith) RW.Read & H. U. Baensch. J. Brom. Soc. 44:205-11.1994. Pollen Parent: Androlepis skinneri (K. Koch). Brongniart ex Houllet. Revue Hort. 42:12. 1870. This entry 8/2011