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xSINCORAECHMEA ‘Firedancer’ Georgusis, James 2017

Mature, open rosette to 28-30" (70-75cm.) diameter x 18-20" (45-50cm) high Leaves are spoke-like, deep green, both spreading and upright, each 3/4-1" (1.9-2.5 cm) wide but blush a deep red when blooming is imminent, plus the rosette flattens out The inflorescence is compound 2-2 1/2" (5.0-6.5cm) high comprised of one main central head and surrounded by seven smaller size heads with pinkish red bracts and lavender flowers. Very free suckering even before blooming. Some grex siblings were smaller and less colourful, plus several had a few spines. Reg. Doc. 9/2018.
Country of origin: Louisiana USA

Seed Parent: Sincoraea navioides Pollen Parent: Aechmea fasciata (spineless)