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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (9583)


XPitinia J. Irvin ex Baskerville, J. Bromeliad Soc. 48(2): 64. Mar-Apr 1998, for the cultivar 'Coral Horizon' formed by the cross Pitcairnia rubronigrifolia Rauh X Pepinia corallina (Linden & Andre) Varadarajan and Gilmartin by Jim Irvin, registered by the Bromeliad Society International 01-20-94. Parent genera: Pitcairnia LíHer., Sert. Angl.: 7. Jan 1789, nom. cons. and Pepinia Brongn. in Andre, Ill. Hort. 17: 32. 1870. Note This is now obsolete because Pepinia is now Pitcairnia. A REJECTION OF PEPINIA (BROMELIACEAE: PITCAIRNIOIDEAE) AND TAXONOMIC REVISIONS by DAVID C. TAYLOR AND HAROLD ROBINSON in Harvard Papers in Botany, 4(1): 203-217. 1999