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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15477) 2019-06-03

xPITERELLA ‘Tinkerbell’ Kaewkangwal, Kosit 2014

Mature, bulbous-based rosette to 30cm. diameter x 20cm. high. Clumping, mounding growth habit. Outspreading, spineless, frosted green leaves on the obverse with frosted red-edged or red-striped foliage reverse. Erect ,openly branched, red-stemmed inflorescence to 50cm. high with dark pink floral bracts, dainty pastel pink bell-shaped, hanging flowers and prominent yellow stamens..This is the first x Piterella ever registered. Reg. Doc. 5/2019.
Country of origin: Thailand

Seed Parent: Fosterella penduliflora Pollen Parent: Pitcairnia punicea