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New Bigeneric genus: x Enchotia by Geoff Lawn in J Brom Soc 61(3): 138. 2011 In August, 2011 the nothogenus x Enchotia ( Encholirium x Hechtia) was first recorded in the BSI's Bromeliad Cultivar Register under ICBN Rules (Vienna Code 2006) . Its breeder is Ray Lemieux, employee at Tropiflora Nursery in Sarasota, Florida who created this cross in February, 2006 and he also coined this new bigeneric genus name x Enchotia. Seed Parenl: Encholirium horridum L.B. Smith. Contr. Gray Herb . 129:32, pl-3, figs. l-3, 1940. Pollen Parent: Hechtia rosea E. Morren ex Baker. Handb. Bromel. 140. 1889.