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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (11595)

xANDROLAECHMEA ‘Leonard Skinnard’ Skotak, Chester 1995

Large mature rosette to 60cms. diameter x 60cms. tall in spike. Spineless, broad grey/green bronzed leaves with silver scurf. In some cultural conditions /climates, the leaves outer portions can turn red. Upright inflorescence of pink scape bracts and a branched dense panicle of creamy white ovaries tipped pink and blue petals.The cultivar name is a play on the pollen parent species name--not named after a known living person. In error, many years before registration, this cultivar acquired the wrong name of "Lynyrd Skynyrd" (a rock band). Reg. Doc. 9/2012 by Eloise Beach.
Country of origin: Costa Rica

Seed Parent: Aechmea fasciata (spineless) Pollen Parent: Androlepis skinneri
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