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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (16588) 2021-03-22

xANAMEA ‘Valley Gremlin’ Smythe, Aaron 2015

Mature, upright, open rosette 1.2 metres diameter x 1.5 metres tall in spike. In sunlight, spreading, narrow, spineless mid-green leaves with pointed tips. Foliage reverse is scurfed powdery white. Erect, scurfy peduncle with pale pink scape bracts, branched clusters of stacked green pods tinged brown with pale lilac flowers. Viviparous pups on the ageing inflorescence. Reg. Doc. 1/2021
Country of origin: Queensland Australia

Seed Parent: Aechmea Whyanbeel Pollen Parent: Ananas Comosus (smooth leaf)