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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (11496) 2013-05-22

CRYPTANTHUS ‘Testaceus’ <1889

From Baker 1889 Under Cryptanthus undulatus C. testaceus E. Morren (M D), is a form with brown ovate-lanceolate leaves 4-5 in. long, nearly 2 in. broad low down. From Mez in DC Monogr. Phaner. IX 53. 1896 Speciei hujus hybridae: C. acaulis x zonatus Specimina artefacta mihi in hort. Makoy. Visa foliis gaudent C. acaulis var. genuinae forma, sed spinulae marginales majores C. zonati. Foliis subtus griseo-vel argenteo-lepidotis supra adsunt vittae dilutissimae transversales e lepidibus maximis formatae, praesertim foliis junioribus conspicuae. Formae adsunt duae vinoso-rubentes: α. Perzonatus: C. cochleatus Morr. ap. Baker. l.c.; Mez in Fl. Bras. Brom. p. 206 β. Peracaulis: C. testaceus Morr. l.c. (nomen). Translated by Butcher Artificial specimens to me from hort. Makoy. As seen, leaves with the form of C. acaulis var. genuinae, but large marginal spines of C. zonatus. Leaves underneath grey or silver lepidote, above are very vague transverse bands with large trichomes, especially conspicuous when the leaves are young. Two forms that are wine red: α. Close to zonatus: C. cochleatus Morr. ap. Baker. l.c.; Mez in Fl. Bras. Brom. p. 206 β. Close to acaulis: C. testaceus Morr. l.c. (nomen). Mez 1935 p. 20 Cryptanthus acaulis x zonatus C. cochleatus Morr. Ex Baker Bromel. (1889) 16. C. testaceus Morr. Ex Baker, l. c. Smith & Downs Bromelioideae Monograph 1979 No mention Therefore treat as a hybrid. This entry 5/2013

Seed Parent: acaulis Pollen Parent: zonatus