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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (14812) 2018-07-05

CANISTRUM ‘Repton Orange’ Tristram, Peter 2013

Mature, open, vase-shaped rosette to 30cm. diameter x 25cm. high. Broad, leathery, lightly-spined, mid-green, arching leaves with brownish purple patches in strong light. Woody stolons to 15cm. long. Erect, tulip-shaped, amber orange-bracted inflorescence to 30cm. tall with protruding white tubular flowers. This cross was made in Repton, Australia by Peter Tristram and the seed was raised by Graeme Barclay in New Zealand. Reg. Doc.7/2018 by John Mitchell. .
Country of origin: N.S.W. Australia

Seed Parent: Vania Leme Pollen Parent: triangulare